Lexli Aloe-based Skin Care

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  • AloeGlyC Renewing Exfoliant 20% off until 10/31
    The same aloe-based proucts
    you love, only BIGGER!
    Introducing 16oz Hand & Body and Cleansing Lotion sizes
  • Aloe-based Acne Kit
    "When our skin's needs are met, it functions
    optimally. This is when we see the characteristics
    associated with 'beautiful skin' begin to
    take shape."
    -Dr. Ahmed Abdullah, Lexli Founder and Lead Formulator
  • Aloe-based Skin Care Family of Products
    Science proved its benefits.
    And we formulated it to deliver superior
    anti-aging performance.
    Aloe. It’s what sets us apart.

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Introducing The New Lexli.Com

For the past few months, our team at Lexli has been working to build a fresh, better web experience for you, our valued customers, and we’re excited to finally be able to unveil it to you.


Passing Good Sun Habits on to our Kids

Ask a random adult if they're aware of the dangers associated with sun exposure and I expect you'll be hard pressed to find one who hasn't heard the warnings.


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